Durateq emphasizes long-term relationships with clients, a strategy that has resulted in a very high rate of repeat business from satisfied customers. The following testimonials were written by Durateq clients.

Disney Access System and the Durateq Advantage

I personally used that device (Durateq — editor note) at Disney World here in Florida. […] It has very effective tactile buttons that are simple to use. The menuing and the overlaying of scripts and menus with the GPS is absolutely remarkable. I had a wonderful experience with my family not having to beg my wife to describe everything around us, and where are we now, and where is the nearest restroom and things like that.

Pete Lane

BADCast Special’s host at Blind Abilities Channel

In 2012 we formally arranged a partnership with Softeq in order to deploy their DURATEQ ATV devices here, at the estate. We were pleased and pleasantly surprised with the ability of the devices as they really stood out among the others available to us primarily as these devices were what we considered to be the most user-friendly of those available.

Jamie O. Bosket

Vice President of Guest Experience Division at George Washington's Mount Vernon

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts engineers have worked for years to make the magic of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts come alive for guests with hearing and/or visual disabilities. The HP iPAQ PDA was clearly the right platform for the assistive device we wanted to build. Collaborating with HP and Softeq made our vision a spectacularly successful reality.

Greg Hale

VP and Chief Safety Officer, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

“It's a really innovative device,” said Ronald Milliman, a spokesman for the American Council of the Blind. “The people we know who have used it are very excited about it.”

Ronald Milliman

Spokesman, American Council of the Blind

“There's an enormous market,” said David Dikter, executive director of Assistive Technology Industry Association. “Many of technologies have come from a need to access all the other technology such as making smart phones and hand-helds accessible to people with disabilities.”

David Dikter

Executive Director, Assistive Technology Industry Association

Thanks to the superb form factor and the low price level, the DURATEQ computers have been a success from the start.

Mickael Croona, managing director of Forest-IT Design AB

Managing Director of Forest-IT Design AB

It was absolutely awesome to see this technology going through the ride and I was able to understand what was going on and what the whole ride was about. So I think for the deaf community as a whole the technology is absolutely awesome. I love the device!

Christine Feinbaum

Guest of Walt Disney World Resort

This is a state-of-the-art system that makes the best possible use of technology. It is an important step forward.

Heidi L. Reed

Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Rick Morin, who is legally blind, used it during a biennial trip to Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in April. The Boston resident noticed a hidden staircase and directed his fully sighted wife, thanks to the audio description he heard, to the ghostly footprints on the stairs in a haunted house the pair visited. “We've been going to Walt Disney Parks and Resorts since 1977, and she had never seen it,” Morin said, adding that now he doesn't have to rely on descriptions by companions. “They tell you what they think you want to hear. But here you get it in real time and unfiltered.”

Rick Morin

Blind guest of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts