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We can customize the platform software, too. Do you want your application to appear when the unit powers on? We can build a custom Board Support Package (BSP) for you. Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf solution. Get DURATEQ.


ALICE (the Assistive LIstening and Captioning Engine) was created by the Softeq team to provide an automatic and immersive experience at museums, theme parks, and venues for patrons with low sight or low hearing.

Now available at entertainment venues like renowned theme park Walt Disney World, The World of Coca-Cola, and The Hall at Patriot Place, the handheld is offered to guests with visual or auditory impairments. Venues also use ALICE and the DURATEQ ATV as a solution to meet the ADA requirements, because it combines Closed Captioning, Descriptive Narration, and Assistive Listening all in one small and lightweight device. ALICE software also supports multiple languages, meeting the needs of multicultural communities as well.


DURATEQ provides a variety of system software to enable application software to access and control its unique features and expansion modules, such as:

  • Wireless control
  • Expansion serial port
  • Audio amplifier level
  • Battery levels
  • Vibration levels
  • Button assignement
  • Display


We will work with you to create a custom ALiCE image for the Durateq ATV handheld for use at your venue. Modifications and configuration changes for Durateq ALiCE (AL, AD, CC) handheld client software to incorporate IR content matrix, custom UI and menu choices for different modes, and useful audio menus. We will customize ALiCE software for assistive listening and audio description content handling. Functionality customization for screens and menu system, and location awareness via IR. Media content synchronization will require software modifications for an additional programming charge.


A modified version of ALiCE on the Durateq ATV unit has been customized to include custom server linkage to Access servers which provides real-time captioning direct from an internal network via WiFi from an EEG iCap system. We also have implemented a custom Durateq application which includes the EEG CaptionCast system for a remote WiFi option for public sports venues. We can implement either custom solutions or the EEG solution for your venue.


Do you need mobile software integrated or developed from the ground up for the DURATEQ? Consult with our software experts at Softeq, who specialize in software solutions for the DURATEQ platform.