About Softeq Development Corp.


Durateq is a division of Softeq Development Corporation.

Softeq is a system integrator and product developer. Located in Houston, Texas, Softeq works with companies across the globe and guides them toward a common goal: the successful release of a product.

Our teams can collaborate with customers at any stage of development, helping them develop applications, engineer platform software, and design hardware and software to run a wide variety of products — from mobile handhelds, MP3 players, and printers to consumer electronics devices and mass spectrometers. We have helped such industry leaders as Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Disney, SanDisk, Raytheon, Celera Genomics, and Cantor-Fitzgerald.

As a complete solutions provider, Softeq offers engineering services and products to speed development. By partnering with Softeq, an OEM can efficiently take a project from concept to reality.

Focusing primarily on Fortune 500 companies, Softeq has had great success guiding products to market. Softeq is capable of providing beginning-to-end project management of products and solutions — giving large companies the agility of a smaller business while utilizing their economies of scale.

For more information on Softeq, visit www.softeq.com.


Developed by Softeq Development, DURATEQ handheld solutions were created for businesses requiring durable, handheld technology in a small form factor. Based on HP iPAQ technology, DURATEQ gives you a rugged device that’s maximized for compatibility with commercial and custom applications without the bulk, weight, and awkwardness of other rugged handhelds.




Softeq was founded in 1997 to manage and develop technical software projects. Since then, Softeq has expanded into all aspects of product development including hardware, software, and system integration.