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Durateq 3100 Passes MIL STD 810F and Confirms IP54 Rating

February 15, 2009

HOUSTON, TX, January 28, 2008 — Softeq Development Corporation hired National Technical Systems to perform independent performance tests which confirmed that the DURATEQ 3100 handheld device conforms to the relevant Military Standard 810F criteria for handheld electronic devices. As part of the testing, NTS also verified that the DURATEQ 3100 meets the requirements for an IP54 rating. The test results were published on the new website today and are available for download.

“Our customers have inquired whether the DURATEQ 3100 handheld computer can be classified as a rugged device. The MIL STD 810F test results have confirmed that the DURATEQ 3100 is the thinnest and lightest rugged handheld on the market today,” said Trey Litel, Vice President and General Manager of the Durateq Division of Softeq. “With our IP54 rating verified, the DURATEQ 3100 is a great choice for companies and individuals who need a reliable and durable handheld solution in a small form factor.”

The DURATEQ 3100 design features a high-impact sealed casing with rubber over-mold to protect against temperature swings, drops, and shocks, plus it protects against exposure to blowing dust and rain or splash resistance. The DURATEQ unit meets the relevant Military Standard 810F criteria for handheld electronics to ensure durability to handle challenging environments. The DURATEQ eliminates the bulk, weight and discomfort associated with most other rugged handhelds.

DURATEQ handheld accessories and expansion modules are also available to add to the base unit for specific mobile applications including Assistive Technology, Global Information Systems (GIS), Retail POS & Inventory, Industrial Services & Safety, and Hospitality POS. A unique expansion module system supports a GPS module with up to 1 meter or better accuracy; 1D Barcode Scanner module, Magnetic Stripe Reader for data captures from credit cards, an RFID Reader module for warehouse tasks. An optional multi-unit charger can charge up to five handheld units at once.

The DURATEQ 3100 handheld solution was designed to meet the needs of handheld customers who need a dedicated device for commercial applications. The versatile DURATEQ handheld has been adapted for use and battle tested in many challenging environments. DURATEQ customer installations to date include: a world renowned Florida theme park, the World of Coca-Cola Museum, and The Hall at Patriot Place as assistive technology; Forest-IT in Sweden running ESRI’s ArcPAD 7; a Mobile POS application with New West Technologies; a custom industrial safety application; and even a gaming application in Las Vegas.

DURATEQ Handheld Solutions

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National Technical Systems

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MIL-STD (Military Standard) 810F

Military Standard 810F is a series of performance and manufacturing guidelines set by the US Department of Defense for military and commercial equipment and applications. These guidelines specify allowable parts and environmental condition ranges that a tool or other device must be able to operate in to meet compliance.

IP Ratings (Ingress Protection) Rating for Equipment and Enclosures

IP codes are established by the International Electrotechnical Commission for a piece of electronic equipment or for an enclosure for electronic equipment. The first digit represents amount of protection against ingress of solid objects, and the second digit represents protection against ingress of liquids.


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