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Accessibility to Gettysburg’s David Wills House Swells with Softeq’s DURATEQ® ATV

March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014 — Houston, TX — Softeq Development, a seasoned provider of embedded software development services, announced its successful deployment of the DURATEQ® Assistive Technology Version at the David Wills House, a National Park Service museum in downtown Gettysburg, PA. The museum is dedicated to the memory of President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and the heroic recovery of the town devastated by the Civil War, and features six galleries, including two recreated rooms: the David Wills Law Office and the Lincoln Bedroom.

The installment was completed in November 2013 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the lynchpin battle of the war and the Gettysburg Address, recognized as one of the greatest speeches of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. The DURATEQ ATV system is configured for both Assistive Listening (ALS) and Audio Description (AD) enabling guests are hard of hearing, blind, or have low sight to become immersed in the public-spirited landmark.

It was critical for us not to detract from the atmosphere of this historic place and allow all guests to have a compelling experience. We used a mixture of the DURATEQ TRACK and SPOT emitters, and the installations were made very unobtrusive to fit into the exhibit space seamlessly. We’re proud to be part of this patriotic project and contribute to making this world-class museum more accessible and immersive,” commented Paul Fruia, VP Engineering at Softeq Development Corporation, the producer of the DURATEQ ATV.

About the David Wills House and the National Park Service

In honor of Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday on February 12, 2009, the David Wills House opened to the public, to provide visitors with an understanding of the impact of the American Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln's delivery of the Gettysburg Address, on those whose lives were and are still influenced by these events.

The US National Park Service has been taking care of their national parks since 1916, totaling over 400 places nowadays. To learn more about national parks and how the US National Park Service works with local communities to help preserve local history, conserve the environment, and provide outdoor recreation, go to